Chitrakoot Dham And 5 Best Places To Visit

Chitrakoot Dham is a small town situated in the northern Vindhya mountain range, located in Uttar Pradesh. Hindu mythology and the epic Ramayana state that Chitrakoot was the place where Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana lived for eleven and a half years of their fourteen years of exile. According to the Ramayana, Chitrakoot was the place where Bharat, Rama’s brother, came to meet Rama and asked him to return to Ayodhya and rule the kingdom.

Chitrakoot Dham

Short History of Chitrakoot Dham

The history of Chitrakoot Dham is linked to the Indian epic Ramayana. This mountain is famous for various events of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and devotee Hanuman. In Ramayana, Chitrakoot is considered a major place during the exile of Lord Rama. Lord Rama, Mother Sita, and Lakshmana stayed here for eleven and a half years during their exile. Chitrakoot’s beautiful natural environment, dense forests, and mountain views make the Ramayani stories even more impressive.

5 Best Places To Visit In Chitrakoot Dham

Bharat Milap Temple, Hanuman Dhara, Janaki Kund are places located in the Chitrakote mountain range. Chitrakoot is also the place where Goswami Tulsidas, the author of ‘Ramcharitmanas’, spent many years of his life. Chitrakoot also has local temples of Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Hanuman, where tourists enjoy devotion and religion.


Kamadgiri religious place is considered an important place during the exile of Lord Ram, Mata Sita and devotee Hanuman. Kamadgiri means “wish-fulfilling mountain” and is one of the mountain peaks of Chitrakoot. Lord Ram, Mother Sita and Lakshman had resided at this mountain place during their exile. Kamadgiri has famous local temples of Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Hanuman, which are visited by lakhs of devotees over the years. The religious environment here makes it a famous tourist destination, whose beauty and religiosity even international tourists like to enjoy.

Gupt Godavari

Gupt Godavari place is considered to be the main place during the exile period of Lord Ram, Mother Sita and devotee Hanuman. Gupta Godavari means “Hidden Ganga” and is located near Chitrakoot. This cave place was used by Lord Rama and Lakshmana to secretly meet devotee Hanuman during their exile. There is also an ancient temple in the cave here, where tourists come to see the ancient statues of Lord Ram and Mother Sita.

Chitrakoot Dham


The Ramghat place is situated on the sacred banks of Chitrakoot and is considered an important place during the exile of Lord Rama, Mother Sita, and devotee Hanuman. Ramghat River Ghat is situated on the banks of River Ganga and is home to ancient temples and sacred bathing facilities. Located near Ramghat, given the depth of Ganga and the beauty of the banks, this religious and natural place attracts the devotees of Lord Rama.

Hanuman Dhara

Hanuman Dhara is a major ancient pilgrimage site. This place is situated on the sacred mountain peak and is one of the streams created by Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Dhara has described this stream as amazing and full of natural beauty. At this place Lord Hanuman stopped the water flow by moving a small stone, where Shri Ram, Mata Sita and devotee Hanuman used to perform religious rituals here. Located near Hanuman Dhara, the peaceful environment and natural beauty has made it one of the major tourist destinations in Chitrakoot.

Sati Anusuya Temple

Sati Anusuya Temple is situated on the sacred mountain peak of Chitrakoot and is dedicated to Mother Sati Anusuya. Sati Anusuya Temple is also famous for the respective characters of Lord Rama, Mother Sita and devotee Hanuman in the Indian epic Ramayana. The statue of Mata Sati Anusuya is installed in this temple, which is a symbol of her devotion and dedication towards her husband. The atmosphere of Sati Anusuya Temple is peaceful and religious, which attracts devotees of Lord Rama. This place narrates the stories of the respective characters of Lord Ram and the bravery and sacrifice of Mata Sati Anusuya.

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Chitrakoot Dham

Famous Food In Chitrakoot Dham

Chitrakoot offers delicious and diverse cuisine that includes local vegetables, meat, sweets and typical street food. Chitrakote’s dining venues and restaurants offer an opportunity to enjoy a variety of exquisite cuisine. The special food kitchens and delicious shops here attract tourists. The taste of local food of Chitrakoot is a unique experience in itself which attracts tourists here. You can come here and enjoy those local special dishes.

How To Reach

Chitrakoot is located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and there are many ways to reach here. The following routes are suitable to reach Chitrakot:

  • By Rail: The nearest railway stations are Chhatarpur, Banda, which are located at some distance from Chitrakoot. From these stations you can go to Chitrakoot by taxi, bus or autorickshaw.
  • By Air: Nearest airports are Khajuraho, Lucknow and Varanasi from where you can reach Chitrakoot. Taxi or bus services are available from these airports.
  • By Road: Chitrakoot can also be reached by road. You can go here by your own vehicle or car through national and state routes.
  • Bus: Regular bus services are available from Chitrakoot between nearby cities and travel centres. You can reach Chitrakoot through the State Road Transport Corporation and private operators.

The above mentioned routes are convenient to reach here and you will get a chance to travel to Chitrakoot easily. Be sure to take necessary precautions to stay safe during the journey.

Chitrakoot Dham

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– What is the best time for Chitrakote Dham tourism?

The weather of Chitrakoot varies according to the rainy and winter seasons. Most tourists visit during the aromatic season, which is from July to September. This time is the best time to visit Chitrakoot.

– How many days should you plan for Chitrakote Dham tourism?

Generally a 2-3 day trip is planned to visit Chitrakoot. During this time you can visit major religious places and also enjoy nature.

– Where to book Chitrakoot Dham tours?

To visit Chitrakoot, you can book suitable package tours through travel agencies or internet. The package includes travel, accommodation, meals and local sightseeing.

– Should religious and social rules be kept in mind during Chitrakoot tourism?

Yes, it is important to follow religious and social rules during Chitrakoot Yatra. When visiting holy sites one should respect prostrations and other religious traditions.

– Where are the convenient hotels and accommodation options to stay in Chitrakoot?

There are many convenient hotels, dharamshalas and resorts in Chitrakoot to facilitate your stay. You can choose the appropriate option as per your budget and requirements.

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