Dehradun Tourist Places 5 Natural Wonders

Uncover the charm of Dehradun Tourist Places! Dive into a comprehensive guide highlighting the city’s top attractions and hidden gems.

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and valleys. There are many natural attractions here such as Robertson Natural Lake, Sahastra Dhara Waterfall and Malda Waterfall. There are many major religious places in Dehradun. There are many trekking routes here which are attractive to enjoy the natural beauty. Along with local food, various foreign dishes can also be enjoyed in Dehradun. The resorts and hotels of Dehradun are places of comfortable relaxation where you can enjoy your trip. Dehradun is surrounded by mountain ranges which makes it a beautiful place.

Short History

Dehradun tourist places

Dehradun is an important city in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Earlier its name was ‘Don Patti’. Its history is linked to ancient times. During the Mahabharata period, it was known as Dronanagari, because the ashram of Mahabharata warrior Dronacharya was here. In the 18th century its name became Dehradun in Devanagari. It became an important military base during the British Empire. After this, it became a part of Uttar Pradesh during the British rule. Today it is important as the capital of Uttarakhand and a center of paramilitary education. The history of Dehradun is rich in its beauty, religiosity and cultural heritage, making it an attractive tourist destination.

Dehradun Tourist Places 5 Natural Wonders

Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is a natural cave located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It is located at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Dehradun city. This cave is a famous tourist destination, popular among people fond of mountaineering and trekking. The Cave of the Robbers is called the Cave of the Robbers because it is located in a mysterious valley where the clothes and property stolen by robbers are hidden. This cave is full of amazing natural beauty and there is also a small lake which provides refreshment to the trekkers. Waterfalls can also be enjoyed at Robbers Cave and the peaceful environment here attracts a lot of trekkers.


The name Sahastradhara is derived from the Sanskrit words “sahasra” and “dhara”, meaning “thousand streams”. This waterfall is located on the outer part of the river Ganga and many small rivers originate from here which give the pleasure of natural beauty. Sahastradhara is a major tourist destination and people come here to relax and enjoy the natural lake. There are dense forests and hilly areas around this waterfall, which make the natural beauty here even more special.

The water of Sahastradhara has medicinal properties and people come here to get treatment for their physical diseases. There are many religious places around Sahastradhara, which people visit for religious enjoyment and peace. Here one gets an unprecedented experience of trekking amidst open sky and natural greenery, which inspires the travelers for entertainment.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar Temple is an ancient and famous Hindu temple near Dehradun city. The name of this temple is “Tapakeshwar” in Sanskrit, which means “burning god”. There is a small cave in the temple, in which streams of water keep dripping, which is known by the people as “Tapkeshwar Waterfall”. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was founded by Tapasvi Maharaj. Local people and tourists come with religious faith to visit Tapkeshwar Temple and meditate on Lord Shiva. There are many religious and cultural places around the temple, which people also come to visit.

Paltan Market

Paltan Bazaar is the main business center of Dehradun city and many shops and markets open here. Various goods can be purchased here. This market is very popular among the locals and offers the finest natural clothes, jewelery and local foods. Paltan Bazaar is especially popular in summer as there is an opportunity to buy cool and pleasant clothes. Paltan Bazaar is full of modernity and colorfulness of the city, which attracts people and gives them a chance to buy memorable souvenir gifts for their loved ones.

Dehradun tourist places

Mindrolling Monastery

Mindrolling Monastery is located in Dehradun city and is considered to be the largest Buddhist monastery in Asia. Mindroling Monastery was founded by Khandro Sangye Tenzin in 1676 BC. This monastery is known to be a huge building which houses Buddhist heritage, cultural ornaments and various museums. The monastery has a huge statue of Lord Buddha and a heritage museum which enjoys special popularity among the people. Mindrolling Monastery is known for its religious faith as well as its gorgeous peaceful environment. The context of Mindroling Monastery is filled with Buddhist heritage and devotional culture, making it an important religious site for travelers and tourists.

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How To Reach Dehradun Tourist Places

  • By Air: Dehradun has Jolly Grant National Airport. You can reach this airport directly by flight. It provides national and international flight services.
  • By Rail: Dehradun Railway Station can be easily reached by rail. This railway station is well connected to the rest of Uttarakhand.
  • By Road: Dehradun is also accessible by road along National Highway 7 (NH-7) and National Highway 72 (NH-72). The city is well connected to other major cities.
  • Bus Service: Bus services are also available in Dehradun which are connected to various parts of the city along with the natural beauty. Bus services of both state government and private operators are available here.

Apart from using public transportation, you can also get around the city easily with auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and car rentals.

Nearest Cities From Dehradun Tourist Places

  • Haridwar: Haridwar is about 57 kilometers from Dehradun.
  • Rishikesh: Rishikesh is about 43 kilometers from Dehradun.
  • Mussoorie: Mussoorie is about 35 kilometers from Dehradun.
  • Roorkee: Roorkee is about 70 kilometers from Dehradun.
Dehradun tourist places

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– Is Dehradun a safe tourist destination?

Yes, Dehradun is a safe and good tourist destination for travelers. The local people here have respect for tourist places.

– How is the weather of Dehradun?

The weather in Dehradun is generally mild to cool. The temperature can be very low in winter and slightly high in summer.

– When is the best time to visit Dehradun?

Tourism in Dehradun can be done in almost all seasons of the year. However, if you want to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather then it is advisable to visit in winter (November to February).

– What are the best hotels to stay in Dehradun?

There are many budget and luxury hotels in Dehradun to suit your needs and budget. You can choose from budget hotel to five star hotel here.

– What are the local food specialties of Dehradun?

In Dehradun you will find many delicious food like Baal Mithai, Aloo Gatte, Chakoli and Gahat Ki Dal. By checking these you can enjoy the local taste here.

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