Hainan Island Of South Sea : Exploring Top 5 Beautiful Spots

Hainan Island Of South Sea, China’s tropical gem, is home to a myriad of natural wonders that captivate and enchant visitors. From its pristine, sun-kissed beaches along the azure South China Sea to lush rainforests that house unique flora and fauna, Hainan’s beauty is unparalleled. The island boasts crystal-clear rivers, hidden waterfalls, and volcanic landscapes that tell tales of geological wonders. Its serene lakes and hot springs offer soothing retreats, while its soaring mountains like Wuzhi Mountain and Five Finger Mountain provide breathtaking vistas. Hainan’s natural wonders beckon adventurers and nature lovers alike to explore its diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Hainan Island Of South Sea

Hainan Island Of South Sea : Short History

Hainan’s natural wonders are deeply intertwined with its rich history. Over the centuries, these wonders have shaped the island’s cultural and environmental landscape. Hainan’s tropical rainforests, for instance, have been a source of traditional medicines and herbs for generations, while its pristine beaches and coastal areas have drawn traders, settlers, and explorers. The island’s volcanic landscapes, such as Wuzhi Mountain, are not only geological marvels but also hold significance in local folklore.

Many of Hainan’s natural wonders have been revered and incorporated into the island’s culture and traditions.As Hainan has developed into a modern tourist destination, preserving its natural wonders has become a priority. Efforts have been made to maintain the ecological balance of these areas, ensuring that future generations can continue to appreciate the island’s stunning landscapes while also understanding their historical and cultural importance.

Hainan Island Of South Sea : Must Visit


Sanya, located on the southern tip of Hainan Island, is a tropical coastal city renowned for its stunning beaches, clear blue waters, and lush greenery. With its year-round warm climate, Sanya is often referred to as the “Hawaii of China.” It’s a haven for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, offering a range of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet-skiing. Beyond its natural beauty, Sanya boasts a vibrant culinary scene, with fresh seafood and Hainanese specialties gracing its menus.


Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Island, is a bustling urban center that serves as the gateway to this tropical paradise. While it may not have the renowned beaches of Sanya, Haikou has its own charm with vibrant street markets, lively shopping districts, and a rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore historical sites like the Wugong Temple, indulge in Hainanese cuisine at local eateries, or take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Haidian River. Haikou offers a taste of urban life on this idyllic island, making it an excellent starting point for Hainan adventures.

Yalong Wan

Yalong Bay, often referred to as the “Yalong Bay National Resort,” is a tropical paradise nestled along the southern coast of Hainan Island. With its crescent-shaped, palm-fringed beach and crystal-clear waters, Yalong Bay is a haven for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. The area is dotted with luxury resorts and hotels that offer world-class amenities, including private beaches, golf courses, and spa facilities. Beyond its natural beauty, Yalong Bay is a hub for water sports like snorkeling and parasailing. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil beach escape with a touch of luxury and adventure.


Hainan Island Of South Sea

Qionghai, situated on the eastern coast of Hainan Island, is a charming coastal city known for its serene beaches and laid-back atmosphere. It offers a quieter alternative to the bustling tourist centers of Sanya and Haikou. Qionghai’s scenic coastline, with its swaying coconut palms and golden sands, beckons travelers seeking relaxation and natural beauty. The city is also famous for its hot springs, such as the Wanquan River Hot Springs, offering a soothing escape. Qionghai provides a glimpse into the tranquil side of Hainan, making it a delightful destination for those in search of a peaceful coastal retreat.


Danzhou, located in the northwest of Hainan Island, is a city with a rich cultural heritage and a laid-back ambiance. It’s known for its historical sites like the Old City Wall, which provides a glimpse into its past as a fortified town. The city is surrounded by lush mountains and fertile valleys, making it an agricultural hub, particularly famous for its delicious pineapples. Danzhou offers a slower pace of life compared to Hainan’s coastal cities, making it an ideal place to explore local culture, enjoy fresh produce, and savor a taste of rural Hainan.

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Hainan Island Of South Sea : Things To Do

  • Luhuitou Park
  • Wuzhizhou
  • Haikou arcaded streets
  • Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
  • Boundary Island
  • Guanyin of Nanshan
  • Haitang Bay
  • Dadonghai
  • Hainan Dao
  • Phoenix Island

Hainan Island Of South Sea : Food Options

Often referred to as “China’s Hawaii,” is not only famous for its stunning beaches and lush landscapes but also for its diverse and delicious cuisine. As a tourist in Hainan, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a variety of local dishes influenced by Hainanese, Cantonese, and Southeast Asian flavors. Here are some must-try food options for tourists in Hainan:

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice: This is perhaps the most iconic dish in Hainan. It consists of succulent poached chicken served with fragrant, ginger-infused rice. It’s typically accompanied by dipping sauces, including chili sauce and ginger paste. Don’t miss this Hainanese classic.
  • Wenchang Chicken: Wenchang Chicken is another popular chicken dish in Hainan. It’s known for its tender meat, flavorful skin, and fragrant aroma. It’s often served with a dipping sauce made from ginger, salt, and local spices.
  • Hainanese Seafood: Hainan is surrounded by the South China Sea, making it a seafood lover’s paradise. You can enjoy an array of freshly caught seafood, including prawns, crabs, clams, and various fish. These can be prepared in a variety of styles, such as steamed, stir-fried, or grilled.
  • Coconut Chicken Soup: Made with tender chicken, coconut milk, and fragrant herbs, this soup is a delightful blend of savory and creamy flavors. It’s both comforting and refreshing, perfect for a tropical island.
  • Hainanese Curry Rice: Hainanese curry rice is a fusion of Chinese and Southeast Asian flavors. It typically includes rice, a variety of meat or seafood, and a fragrant, mildly spicy curry sauce.
  • Fried Snacks: Hainan offers a range of delicious fried snacks, such as spring rolls, shrimp balls, and fried wontons. These can be found at street stalls and night markets.
  • Tropical Fruits: Hainan is known for its tropical fruits, including pineapple, mango, papaya, and lychee. You can enjoy them fresh or in various desserts and smoothies.
  • Local Drinks: Don’t forget to try some local beverages, such as Hainan coffee, coconut water, and Hainan rice wine. These are refreshing choices to complement your meals.
  • Street Food: Explore Hainan’s bustling night markets and street food stalls for a wide array of local snacks and dishes. You can sample grilled seafood, barbecue skewers, dumplings, and more.
Hainan Island Of South Sea
Yalong Wan

Hainan Island Of South Sea : Restful Retreats (Hotels)

Known as China’s “Hawaii,” is a tropical paradise offering stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and a rich cultural heritage. To fully enjoy your stay on this beautiful island, you’ll want to choose the perfect accommodation. Here are some restful retreats (hotels) in Hainan that cater to various preferences and budgets:

1)- Luxury Escapes:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou: Located in Haikou, this luxurious hotel offers breathtaking views of the South China Sea. It boasts elegant rooms, a private beach, a golf course, and a world-class spa.
  2. Mandarin Oriental, Sanya: Nestled in Sanya, this resort is a haven of tranquility. With a private beach, lush gardens, and exceptional dining options, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway.
  3. Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay: This high-end resort in Haitang Bay is renowned for its impeccable service, spacious villas, and stunning oceanfront views. The infinity pool is a highlight.
  4. Rosewood Sanya: Set on Haitang Bay, this upscale resort offers luxurious rooms, multiple pools, a private beach, and a serene spa. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking ultimate relaxation.

2)- Mid-Range Comfort:

  1. Sheraton Haikou Hotel: Located in Haikou, this comfortable hotel offers well-appointed rooms, a golf course, and a beautiful pool area. It’s perfect for both leisure and business travelers.
  2. Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa: Situated on Yalong Bay, this Hilton property offers a mix of affordability and luxury. The resort has beautiful gardens, pools, and easy access to the beach.
  3. The Westin Blue Bay Resort & Spa: Enjoy a peaceful stay in Lingshui at this Westin resort. It features spacious rooms, a tranquil spa, and beautiful sea views.

3)- Budget-Friendly Options:

  1. Holiday Inn Express Haikou West Coast: This budget-friendly hotel in Haikou offers clean and comfortable rooms, making it a practical choice for travelers on a budget.
  2. Sanya Backpackers: If you’re looking for affordable lodging in Sanya, this hostel provides dormitory-style accommodations and a friendly atmosphere, perfect for backpackers.

How to Reach in Hainan Island

Hainan is a beautiful tropical island province in China, known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. If you’re planning a trip to Hainan and wondering how to reach this island paradise, here are several transportation options to consider:

By Air:

  • Hainan’s Main Airport: The main gateway to Hainan is Haikou Meilan International Airport in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan. It’s well-connected to major Chinese cities and some international destinations.
  • Sanya Airport: Another major airport on the island is Sanya Phoenix International Airport in Sanya, a popular tourist destination. It’s well-connected to domestic cities and also serves some international flights.

By Train: Hainan is connected to mainland China by a high-speed railway system. The railway connects Hainan to Guangdong Province via the Hainan Eastern Ring High-Speed Railway, which includes a train ferry between Hainan Island and the mainland. The two main railway stations on the island are Haikou Railway Station in Haikou and Sanya Railway Station in Sanya.

By Ferry: If you’re traveling from the mainland, you can take a ferry to Hainan. There are ferry services from several coastal cities in Guangdong Province, including Haikou and Sanya. The journey can vary in duration depending on the departure point.

By Bus: Long-distance buses also connect Hainan to various cities on the mainland. You can catch a bus from cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or other neighboring provinces. The journey can be quite long, so be prepared for an extended road trip.

By Car: If you’re already in China, you can drive to Hainan by taking your car on a ferry. The ferry service connects Hainan with the mainland, making it a unique and adventurous way to reach the island. Ensure you have all the necessary permits and documentation for your vehicle.

By Cruise: Hainan is a popular stop for cruise ships, and several cruise lines include the island in their itineraries. You can arrive in Hainan via cruise ships docking at the ports in Haikou or Sanya.

Hainan Island Of South Sea

Hainan Island Of South Sea : Local Transport

Once you’re on the island, you can easily get around using taxis, buses, and rental cars. Hainan has a well-developed transportation infrastructure to help you explore its beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and vibrant cities. Before planning your trip to Hainan, check for any travel restrictions, visa requirements, and the most convenient transportation option based on your location. Whether you choose to fly, take a train, or arrive by sea, Hainan’s natural beauty and cultural attractions are sure to make your journey worthwhile.

Weather’s In Hainan

Hainan, often referred to as China’s “Hawaii,” enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. The island’s weather is characterized by two main seasons: the wet season and the dry season. Here’s an overview of the weather in Hainan:

1)- Winter (December to February):

  • Temperature: The winter months in Hainan are mild and pleasant, with daytime temperatures averaging around 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).
  • Rainfall: Rainfall is relatively low during this period, making it an attractive time to visit for those seeking a break from cold weather.

2)- Spring (March to May):

  • Temperature: Spring sees a gradual increase in temperatures, with daytime highs ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F).
  • Rainfall: Rainfall begins to increase in March and peaks in April, so occasional showers are common.

3)- Summer (June to August):

  • Temperature: Summer in Hainan is hot and humid, with daytime temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F) and sometimes reaching up to 35°C (95°F).
  • Rainfall: This is the wettest season in Hainan, with frequent rain and the possibility of typhoons, especially in July and August. Be prepared for heavy downpours.

4)- Autumn (September to November):

  • Temperature: Autumn brings relief from the summer heat, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F).
  • Rainfall: Rainfall gradually decreases as the season progresses, making it a pleasant time for outdoor activities.

5)- Typhoon Season:

  • Hainan is susceptible to typhoons, especially during the summer months. Typhoon season typically runs from June to October, with the highest likelihood of typhoons occurring in August and September. Travel plans may be disrupted during typhoon warnings.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Hainan for pleasant weather and outdoor activities is typically during the winter and spring months (December to May). However, if you enjoy the beach and don’t mind occasional rain, autumn (September to November) can also be a good choice.


In conclusion, Hainan Island encapsulates the essence of an idyllic tropical getaway. With its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, it’s a destination that invites travelers to unwind, explore, and immerse themselves in natural wonders. Whether you seek relaxation on sun-kissed shores, adventure in its rainforests, or a taste of unique Hainanese cuisine, the island offers a diverse range of experiences. As Hainan continues to evolve into a world-class tourist destination, it remains committed to preserving its natural beauty and traditions, ensuring that visitors will continue to be enchanted by the island’s timeless charm. Hainan, “China’s Hawaii,” promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of a tropical paradise.

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1)- Is a visa required to visit Hainan?

If you’re an international traveler visiting Hainan, you will typically need a visa to enter China. However, Hainan offers visa-free access to travelers from specific countries for short stays. Check with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country for the most up-to-date visa requirements.

2)- Is Hainan safe for tourists?

Hainan is generally a safe destination for tourists. Like any other place, exercise normal precautions such as safeguarding your belongings and being aware of your surroundings. Hainan is known for its friendly and welcoming locals.

3)- What are the local specialties in Hainanese cuisine?

Hainanese cuisine is famous for dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, Wenchang chicken, coconut chicken soup, and a variety of seafood dishes. The island’s tropical climate also yields delicious tropical fruits.

4)- What is the currency used in Hainan?

The currency used in Hainan, as in the rest of China, is the Chinese Yuan (CNY) or Renminbi (RMB). Credit cards are widely accepted in larger establishments, but it’s advisable to carry some cash for smaller businesses.

5)- Is English widely spoken in Hainan?

While English is not as commonly spoken as Mandarin Chinese, you can find English-speaking staff in major tourist areas and hotels. Learning a few basic Mandarin phrases can be helpful for communication.

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