What you will find out here

At Edgare we help you to explore amazing global destinations, delicious food, essential landmarks. We show you important places to visit and also where you can explore Them freely. We Will give you advice on where to stay and how to get there easily. Whether you like fancy hotels with great view or guesthouse we have got suggestions for everyone. Our travel tips have useful information about how to reach each place from flights to local transport and the connected cities with that place. We are not just a blog, we are your companion guiding you to the best experience with easy and trustworthy advice.


What you’ll Learn here

Barfanbar Mountains Qom Province 07

E- Experience enriched culture

( Insights into the cultures and histories of different countries and regions)

D- Destination Guide

( Detailed information about specific destinations, such as what to see and do, where to stay and how to get around)

G- Getting around

 (Tips on how to get around different cities and countries such as public transportation, renting a car or taking taxis)

A- Attractions

( A list of the most popular tourist attractions in a particular destination such as museums, historical sites and natural wonders)

R- Resorts and hotels

( Reviews of the best resorts and hotels in different destinations)

E- Eating and drinking

( Recommendations for the best restaurants, bars and cafes in different cities and towns)


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Tourism is like a big adventure party where people go explore new places, have fun, and learn stuff. It’s like a global money-booster because lots of people join in to visit cool spots, try new things, and make memories. Whether it’s old buildings, amazing nature, or exciting activities, tourism has something fun for everyone. And it’s not just about money – it’s like making friends between different countries. Travellers and locals meet, learn from each other, and become buddies, making the world a happier place.