Our journey began with a simple desire because we love exploring different places and trying out the famous and unique food of that place. When you travel, finding a comfort place to stay is important and we help you with that too. Whether you like fancy hotels with great view or guesthouse, we have got suggestion for everyone. Our travel tips have useful information about how to reach each place from flights to local transport and the connected cities with that place. We are not just a blog, we are your companion guiding you to the best experience with easy and trustworthy advice.


I’m Saurya – a world traveler, adventurer, and entrepreneur. Great to have you here on my website. Life’s an amazing journey, and I’ve been lucky to explore 200+ cities worldwide in 12 years– each with its special charm. From calm beaches to busy markets, I’ve embraced every place I’ve been to. My birthplace is the spiritual city of Mathura, India. For insights into how I turned dreams into reality, check out my Blog Section. It’ll reveal the journey behind the scenes.

Our Mission, Vision

Our mission is to offer reliable info, practical tips and guiding all kinds of travelers to explore, understand, and create cherished memories across the world.

Our unique vision is to be your compass to all the seven continents, guiding you with insights that turn each travel moment into an extraordinary memory.

The Edgare Team

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I'm Founder of this website and the main idea generator. I'm taking care of strategical growth of the website only And I ensure the readers get the best information they can rely on.
DarshiContent Writer
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A global soul Darshi loves to discover and write about the beauty of our diverse world. When she's not writing, she enjoys meditating, reading, and traveling to places that make her soul happy.
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Shubh is the travel addict who adores exploring new places, enjoying different foods and seeking adventure. He loves music and incredible adventure.. but nothing excites him more than traveling and getting to a place he has never been before.
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Anu is the travel enthusiast who loves adventure, going on new places, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures.Traveling to unfamiliar destinations excites him the most. That's what he really enjoyed it.
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